My day job is Mobile Release Manager @ Snapchat where my focus is on managing quality releases of our iOS and Android apps. Previously I was the mobile release manager @ Pinterest and prior to that, Staff Release Manager for Firefox Desktop and Mobile products at Mozilla. I’ve felt very fortunate to have had a paid job in Open Source Software and in my time at Mozilla I was consistently impressed to be working within a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the public resource that is the Web. I graduated from Toronto’s Seneca College with a degree in Software Development in 2009. My spare time involves teaching anything I have learned about systems, programming, media, web development and anything to do with the open web to anyone who want to learn. When I’m not by a computer I’m hiking with my dog, playing hockey, attempting to learn woodworking, cooking interesting meals, traveling to as many new places as I can, and basically trying hard to pack a lot of adventure into a busy life in the Bay Area.