0.4 Release

This release is primarily research. After talking with Ted (ted), I have some documentation about pdb file formats and pdb “exploding” tools to play with. Also I am currently trying to make my laptop more friendly to the kind of development this project requires. In the last term I started using a MacBook mid-semester and was able to work with a Windows XP VM for the testing of my patch. This was a cumbersome task because I did not have (nor could I afford) the RAM upgrade which would make VM usage much less laggy. Yesterday I finally picked up the 2 X 2GB chips that have made my VM usage much speedier.

The bug I filed (bug 408134) will be my guideline and the goal of this project is to pass super review and have my patch (and whatever tools are needed to make it work) checked into mozilla trunk. In accordance with the specs of this class, here is an outline for how I will accomplish a 1.0 release of my project:

* All the syntax and minor logic issues will be cleared up first (by the next release), this means that I will save a copy of the filename variable right before the call to GetVCSInfo, the large block of text for the pdbstream will be rewritten as a triple-quoted string, and I will also figure out what portions of the pdbstream are unnecessary and remove them to streamline the source indexing
* The source indexing will be pulled out into a method called SourceIndex and will be located in Dumper, called from symbolstore.py
* Changes need to be made so that the source indexing is called from the command line , since it cannot (and should not) be called upon in anything other than Win32 platforms
* All hard coding will be cleared out
* A replacement program for pdbstr.exe (which is provided by Microsoft) will be written so that it can be distributable

The resources I am researching on this release were provided to me by Ted and are:

* http://www.jorgon.freeserve.co.uk/Other/pdb.htm
* http://www.rawol.com/?topic=41
* http://www.rawol.com/download/zip/win_pdbx.zip

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