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  1. I’ve done the shirt thing too. Actually, I do it everyday at school. In addition to wanting to look cool (cool shirts), I want people who may share similar interests to come up and be like, “hey are you going to this show?”

    Your right though, very, very shallow.

  2. Totally – there’s something comforting about seeing right off the bat that someone is into a similar music/art/culture.

    On a basic level, I think we are just trying to create tribes and be part of something bigger.

  3. That’s a perfect story, Lukas, because I think many of us can relate.

    When I moved to Boston, I hoped my hairy legs would be a symbol for people. But it took me months to find people anyway because I didn’t do some of that leg work (ha, no pun intended). I appreciate that you can relate to moving somewhere alone and starting over. I’m glad you found good people.

    We do try to find allies that way. I think it makes sense. But I don’t have to shop at Hot Topic to do it, thank god.

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