I’m feeling like a bad parent. For the past two nights my dog has been waking me up several times in the wee hours to get me to take her because she’s got the runs. She’s got the runs because she has a sensitive stomach and rawhide makes her sick, and I gave her rawhide the other day because I’m a bad parent and I hate saying “No” even when I knew this would happen. Rawhide makes her so happy, and also so sick. It’s not really fair to either of us, but I’m supposed to be the adult here.

I think the worst part is how it goes down. My dog can’t just say “Time to go out for a quit shit” she can merely pace – from the bed to the door “tic tic tic” from the door to the bed “tic tic tic” stare stare stare get up on the bed “lick” jump off bed go to door “tic tic tic” repeat until I finally throw back the covers and, whining and complaining the whole time, open the door go in the hall to put on a coat and grab leash and take her out.

I’m hoping that when it’s a child waking me up in the middle of the night because their ear hurts or they think they’re gonna puke that I am more compassionate.


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