Celebrating Firefox 3.5 with sparkly accessories…

A month or so ago when the Firefox 3.5 was close to launching I got in touch with some artist friends of mine who have a small jewellery making business to create some custom accessories for me in celebration. They have been making these awesome belt buckles, cuff links, magnets and many other items for years and I have several of their pieces including a custom “fancy deluxe” belt buckle with my hound dog on it surrounded by shiny Swarovski crystals. They did a great job with the Firefox logo and I am now the proud owner of

A belt buckle:

And cuff links (though I only have one shirt that uses them):

I’m looking forward to wearing them about town and spreading the word about Firefox 3.5. Many of my pals outside of tech circles have been excited about the new Firefox because they see how excited I am about it. For anyone else looking for a custom buckle or accessory of their own get in touch with the folks at Barbie’s Basement Jewelry. I hope you enjoy flashing the Firefox logo around in new and fashionable ways – it’s always a conversation starter.

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