Getting set up on Day[0]

First day of the internship, and things are going well. As my first build on the MBP is running in the background, let me lay out my set up so far. It will be familiar to many of you but I want a list for my own records.

Upon opening up the MBP with a clean install of Leopard, I am faced with the first task of downloading Firefox. What people choose to download is an interesting mix. While my supervisor John O’Duinn downloads the beta version when he needs a fresh build both Armen and myself leap headfirst into the latest trunk build, 3.0pre.

Next in line:
* Mozilla-VPN installer
* Tunnelblick
* Colloquy
* Quicksilver
* Chicken of the VNC
* Remote Desktop for Mac (beta)
* MacPorts
* XCode
* Thunderbird
* TextWrangler (a free Mac text editor that has command line integration – which is awesome!)
* VMware Fusion

I’ve done the build configuration and am just waiting to get my VPN set up properly. Everything here is a bug. As Sean from IT just told me – “If you think ‘Should that be a bug?’ that’s probably a bug”.

Speaking of bugs, I got assigned another small bite today, bug 432003, which is to enable source server on thunderbird windows builds. Two lines and a patch uploaded, nice to have such a minor bug to get back into the swing of things after my 2 week holiday from school.

Day[0] out.

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