Going Home

Click on image to see movie.

Just got back from being out in Victoria, BC for a 6 day visit with my moms. This year I stayed in Toronto for xmas and went home in June instead – my thinking being that I would get to enjoy summer weather and lake swimming. Instead it was fairly chilly, I had underpacked for cold weather and I only briefly hopped into the lake just to be able to know I had done it. But it was COLD!

Anyway, meet a few of my family members. My mom is the one who looks kinda like me – short grey hair. Her partner is Sal with the longer hair – it was her birthday while I was out there and that’s what the dancing footage is from. The younger of the two boys is a fella I used to take care of when he was a toddler. It’s so strange to see a kid you knew at that age all grown up. It takes all my inner will power not to swoop down on him with cuddles and questions about who he’s becoming.

It was a great visit. I can’t wait to go back sometime this year.

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