Going in circles

I don’t know how many times I can read the 3 main sources of information about this source server business. Everytime I read them it’s like being in a house of mirrors. Tonight I found a new site that refers to a source server. Once again I hear how amazing this source server is, yet no real information about how to make it happen. His final sentence – “After all, “It just works!” Why would I need to know anything more? :-)” is just poking at me as I am so in need of knowing more and can’t find a single human being who knows more.

The main msdn help files state that:

Generally, binaries are source indexed during the build process after the application has been built. The information needed by source server is stored in the PDB files.

So does this mean that I need to add something to the firefox build files that will do this indexing around the same time that the buildsymbols are pulled? Around the time that the build wraps up? And if yes, then what do I put there? Why is there not ONE example of someone successfully writing a source server for their project? If this source server is so amazing (and it sure sounds like it will be) then why no examples? No discussion in the msdn community forums, no blogs, nothing.

I emailed a person who sounded like they had written one for their versioning system, he wrote back and said that it actually wasn’t him, it was another team member.

Is the source server really an urban legend? Has *anyone* seen it in action?

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