I will do anything

To get the information that I need to make this Source Server work.

So in the srcsrv.doc file that comes with the debugging package it says:

Anyone interested in using Source Server with CVS should send email to windbgfb@microsoft.com.

So I did.

Here’s the response I just got:

Good things come to those that wait – and you will not have to wait long. The next debugger release will have cvs source indexing scripts in it. You will probably need to tweak them since cvs installations seem to differ greatly and I was unable to come up with something that was truly general-purpose.

So watch our web site for the release. It will be out soon.

.pat styles

Well that’s interesting because in my sdk I have a CVS.pm and a cvsindex.cmd which is what you need to make this stuff work with CVS. So does Pat know that? Is there a better version on the way?

What I don’t understand right this second is two things:
1. How does the actual indexing of PDB files happen? According to my main source of information (becoming as dog-eared as a web page can get):

When you run SSINDEX.CMD, after it validates parameters it asks the version control system for the list of all source files (and their version numbers) in the target project and below. PDB files are then searched for recursively. For each PDB file found, the Perl code calls SRCTOOL.EXE to extract the list of source files. The code looks through the source files in the PDB file and sees if they match any of the files stored earlier from the version control search: if a match is found, the code saves that file info.

Does this mean that I should be calling SSINDEX.CMD and not CVSINDEX.CMD? Does this look through all folders in the named path? When I ran it yesterday I did several variations but to no apparent success.

and…I’ve forgotten the second thing. It will come to me.

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