IIS is serving up PDB files locally

Well, thanks to Peter McIntyre (Resident Windows Genius) at Seneca College, I have now managed to set up my local symbol server.

Peter actually sent me a link to information about configuring IIS 6.0 but it turned out I had 5.1 – no problem he had given me enough so that a quick Google was all it took to find this script to which I merely added “.pdb”, “application/octet-stream” and voila – my MIME map is updated. Now my localhost symbol server can serve up .pdb files without a hitch.

Started up Minefield, attached to VStudio and the symbols loaded up as smooth as can be.

Small success leads to much dancing around with the hound dog.

In other news, finished part 1 of the IBM “Master the Mainframe” contest (if anyone wants to do it, register using Peter as your Faculty person) and am slowly working through part 2…with breaks for reading up on bugs. I still find the whole bugzilla environment quite daunting, it’s like that feeling that everyone else knows what they’re doing except me. This is me, peering around the corner and listening in…

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