Mozilla Seeks Program Manager for Open Web Innovation Incubator

Ok, I’m a little biased – full disclosure: I work for Mozilla.  But even if I didn’t I suspect I’d be impressed with the amount of amazing innovation and hustle that Mozilla’s community puts out towards making the open web more accessible to everyone.  Recent projects like Popcorn and Butter are changing the way we work with video on the web. Hackasaurus is reaching out to kids, getting them to move beyond consuming the web (read-only mode) to being able to build and design their own web experience (read/write).  Addons SDK, Open Web Apps, Browser ID, the list goes on and on and I’d better stop now or I’ll lose you before getting to the good stuff.

Mozilla may be a huge brand but we’re actually a relatively small group of people doing this work all around the world.  Which is why we now have WebFWD, a program to help innovators of the open web get a chance to hook in to the resources of Mozilla (space, mentors, public reach, food and housing, and more) to help bring their products to the world.  With this rolling program of projects Mozilla can be a driving force in getting more open web to the people who need them.

Right now we need a visionary and hard working Program Manager to become the leader of this movement.  I’m attaching the posting below, get in touch with p at mozilla dot com with your resume for consideration.

/// WebFWD - Program Manager

Mozilla, the organization behind the Firefox Web browser, is looking for 
an all-star to join our new accelerator/incubator program WebFWD 
( which aims to do for the open Web what organizations 
such as Y Combinator, TechStars and Seedcamp have done for startups.

As the Program Manager of WebFWD you are charged with leading the 
overall program - from designing and managing the curriculum, supporting 
the selected teams locally as well as globally, working with our 
ever-growing list of mentors and partners to organizing events.

If you're passionate about the Web, want to help people build amazing 
products and are willing to roll-up your sleeves, then this position is 
for you.

Primary responsibilities:
* Design and manage the curriculum for both the Fellow program as well 
as the Bootcamp
* Work with and support teams in the program (both locally and remote)
* Work with our mentors and partners
* Coordinate community and press outreach on a worldwide basis
* Create and run events (locally and remote)

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills
* Experience with organizing and running events
* Experience working with startups, entrepreneurs, venture capital and 
incubators / accelerators a huge plus
* Proven ability to work independently and in cross-functional teams
* Familiarity with Web technologies
* Passionate about helping people and solving problems
* Enjoys learning and teaching others
* Works effectively in a fast-paced, start-up environment
* 3-5 years of relevant job experience
* BA/BS, or equivalent experience

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