New Year, New To-Do list

Today was the first day back in the hallowed halls of S@Y. I managed to clear up the conflict signing up for DPS911 and am now officially registered.

I’ve gotten some great feedback on the bug I filed for the source server so there’s lots to get started on. First rewriting the patch better and then the grand task of writing a new pdbstr.exe that we can distribute because the Microsoft version cannot do so.

Anyway, that’s the short, glossy version.

I’m looking forward to getting back in the game. As the last few days of the holiday whip by I’m also working on some websites for friends, training to be a tutor in the Learning Center, helping some friends paint and trying to finish another pair of socks.

Yesterday at a New Year’s brunch I spent some time with a friend who has recently lost a large amount of her vision. She is almost (but not quite) legally blind and her vision will continue to deteriorate at an unknown rate. She’s a visual artist as well as a teacher and we had a lively discussion about software and adaptive technology. I’m determined to find a way to develop simple, well designed, as open source as possible programs for the Mac. This is a challenge since a) I have been informed that there is no money in writing adaptive software and b) apple development is a mystery to me and c) I’m not sure if it’s even possible to write open source programs for Apple.

Learning about this will be the sidebar on the to-do list for the winter you know, in my spare time 🙂

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