No really, it *is* easy to test your Python code

This week is all about getting custom selection for tryserver submissions (bug 473184) ready for public consumption. The plan is to have a custom scheduler that calls a function which parses a commit comment (and later, the option of an .info file instead) and then only schedules the builders which have been requested. This will be awesome for our build machine resources since it will mean that if you don’t want a particular platform/test/talos suite it will never even get triggered.

In today’s work on the parser I wrote python unittests for the first time. I remember doing some unittests in school but that was way back when we used Java. The python unittest module is really awesome and easy to get up and running. Once I had my tests passing I then ran the coverage tool on both the test suite and the parser to see how I did in covering all my bases:

This tool is Frickin’ Awesome! I can see at a glance that I need another test to see what happens if someone wants a subset of mobile build platforms.

Tomorrow I’ll be getting my coverage even higher and then starting to stage this scheduler and see how it handles our large amount of possible builders to choose from. Keep your ears open – selecting your try build configuration is right around the corner.

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