Oh Bugzilla

Well I’m a little late in reporting on my experience of watching someone on Bugzilla. This is partly because I didn’t read the “to-dos” closely enough and then it was because it took a few hours to find out how to watch someone. Well, asking on IRC, I was informed that you go to your user settings. What?! That is so strange. I wish that Bugzilla had a better interface where you could search by user, email, etc. Something to connect you to the people more. The current interface assumes you already know how to use everything.

Anyway, I put Ted (:luser) on my watch list because he’s my main contact for the project I’m working on.

Mullin already said it, but I will say it again – the flood of emails made no sense, I had no way of knowing who commented from the subject line of the email, and basically it took less than one day before I pretty much stopped paying attention to anything from bugzilla-daemon@mozilla.org.

I am impressed with anyone who uses this system and gets something out of it.

Armen says there’s no way bugzilla can change because it’s too big – is that really true?

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