My Imaginary Sabbatical

My partner has been granted a very well deserved year-long sabbatical starting in late May and that got me thinking about what my days would look like if I had a small sabbatical.  Fortunately Mozilla’s offices will be closing over the winter holidays so I’ll have about 2 weeks to enact this plan.

  1. Run in the morning (if rained out, yoga) every other morning
  2. Spanish lessons
  3. Take the dogs for a 3-4 mile hike on non-run days, otherwise the usual 45 min loop
  4. Practice stickhandling skills
  5. Play Guitar & Ukelele
  6. Dog training & games
  7. Cook a new recipe for dinner
  8. Work on an interesting web project (I have several in half-finished states, would like to FINISH one)  OR
  9. Play cards/Catan/some new game

I’ll be trying my best to follow that agenda for 2 weeks straight and I expect to feel a sense of accomplishment in several areas of interest by the end of it.