Take 2 – mozilla-central unittest production waterfalls moves to build network

Hopefully things will still look good tomorrow morning because the new time of the move is now:

This will take place on Tuesday September 23th, at 7am PDT

The new production buildbot will already be up and running smoothly
(currently reports to the UnitTest tinderbox tree) so there should
hopefully be very little impact when this switch over happens.

Basically, the new unittest buildbot slaves will start reporting to
the Firefox tinderbox tree, and the current slaves will stop reporting

This means you will be looking at new slave names. There are 2
buildslaves for each platform and their names are as follows:

Linux mozilla-central moz2-linux-slave07 dep unit test
Linux mozilla-central moz2-linux-slave08 dep unit test
MacOSX Darwin 9.2.2 moz2-darwin8-slave01 dep unit test
MacOSX Darwin 9.2.2 moz2-darwin8-slave02 dep unit test
WINNT 5.2 mozilla-central moz2-win32-slave07 dep unit test
WINNT 5.2 mozilla-central moz2-win32-slave08 dep unit test

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