Ted’s visit

Learning from today’s class with Ted Mielczarek:

– lots of successful builds, so things are getting easier
– the error that we are getting about directory names with spaces is an advancement over the past when it just failed for an unknown reason
– there’s a bug right now with building on Vista, there’s a work-around right now
– VM is a great way to test in different environments (I have VMware, just need to get it going)
– ac options are for autoconf whereas mk options are for make
– a reminder to use an object directory with builds
– why client.mk? you can build mozilla without it – but it’s easier with client.mk – it handles the MOZ_CO_PROJECT stuff
– looking at tinderbox – not everyone is using tinderbox…lots of people use buildbot so it would be great to get more of the mozilla stuff into buildbot
– there’s work being done to get rid of autoconf – switch to python script instead
– talking about replacing make but not sure to what
– google-breakpad, a crash reporting system, integrated with mozilla
– demo of crashing, reporting the crash – bug reports (this is all still a little overwhelming)

And then a break.

– make -C
– mozconfig options for debugging:
ac_add_options –enable-debug (in optimizations)
– demo of searching code at lxr.mozilla.org

Final note – in order to do the Source server I apparently don’t have to be stellar at C++, phew!

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