Things I want but cannot have…

watching THIS all day…

I would like an iPhone as soon as possible, thanks:

And also, someday…a widescreen tv and Apple TV (or iTV, whatever):

It’s amazing to me how quickly the folks at Apple got all this stuff up on their web store…I wish I was on that production team. Seriously, I would love to work for Apple one day. It’s like the fantasy that is perpetuated by the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks…that I could someday luck into a job where I would get paid well to play with toys all day. Could I seriously ever have a job where I could be paid to play with TV and music players all day? Please!?

Okay, well now that Steve Jobs’ keynote is over I guess I can do some actual work.

p.s. do check out K-Os Atlantic, it’s definitely starting out at the best album of 2007 (even though it was released in ’06) and also “Young Folks” by Peter Bjorn and John…catchy whistling hook that will haunt you and yet also boost your mid-winter spirits.

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