Week 7, 8, 9, 10 update…

Um, Hi!

So I got a little busy…

Let’s see – Andréa came to visit, so did my Mom. I’ve been working a ton and taking on lots of new responsibilities – with great responsibility comes longer hours and more tiredness.

Also there was Frameline – Allyson, Christina and Amy were here from Toronto. We saw some movies, I met some new people including some of the staff of Frameline who are super nice. Attended some interesting Q&A; periods, went to a filmmaker’s brunch, spent many hours in Dolores park.

I’ve been swimming a lot, running a little, biking around. My mom was here and we biked across the Golden Gate bridge which you may notice in the pictures is a little fogged out. It was an exhilarating ride because there was a combination of elite cyclists trying to cross quickly and shouting at people to move over alongside tourist with rented tandem bikes who weaved around and almost crashed many times in front of me.

Since it’s been a while, I can really only remember this past weekend. I was supposed to go to LA for Outfest. I had a plane ticket and a place to stay arranged. It was making me anxious though – and I kept wanting to cancel. In the end I did cancel, and stayed here to go to Joey’s goodbye party at the Lexington where I stayed way past closing and had tamales from the Tamale Lady SF, and chatted with one of the bartenders for several hours. One of those nights where you just aren’t tired…oh and maybe you’ve had a few whiskeys.

Then on Saturday I went out to Oakland in the daytime so I really got to see it for the first time. It was so pretty and felt much more neighbourhoody than anything I’ve been in so far. Stormy was having a birthday bbq in a back yard with lots of great folks and I made a few new friends, visited with old ones and played with the pictured baby english bulldog named Tug. I NEED one of those!

Sunday I woke up early and went with Naomi and Sam to Green Gulch which is a Zen Buddhist center. We did a “sit” for about 40 mins, then had a break and then listened to a speaker – this was followed by an exceptionally tasty lunch. There’s so much that was great about the experience that I don’t even know what to highlight. Sitting was interesting. I haven’t done anything like this since I was pretty young. I’m not that keen on organized religions, but this was very relaxing and since there’s no overt god-ness about it, I didn’t really have trouble with it.

The speaker was pretty funny and made lots of wise comments that still ring with me. I’m curious to learn more about Buddhism – I always knew that I liked the ideas behind it but it’s much more tangible here since more people in close proximity to me are practicing. There’s even a group called Dharma Punx that meets here and I’ve downloaded some of their podcasts to check out.

What’s amazing about being in California, working, is that I have way more spare time that when I am in school and working. The school part makes sure that you never really feel like you’re done. There’s always something to be working on. So all this free time is really giving me opportunities to do so much more, and to experiment with new pastimes. I’ve been hiking and being outdoors more. Biking around SF is easy and practical with the price of gas around here. And now I’m checking out meditation. I’d say that California is agreeing with me.

At work things are great too. The stuff I’m working on is in the spotlight a little bit right now and so that’s keeping a fire under me. The summit in Whistler is coming up and I’m going to be meeting people from the community all over the world to talk about the future of the organization. Also, it’s a possibility that I could keep working on my team as a part-timer throughout the school year. My fingers are crossed that this happens because it would be a perfect scenario. Not only to keep working on a project that I’m enthusiastic about, but also it would be the best fit with my hectic school schedule. This fall I’ll have 6 courses again and it looks like 3 out of 4 days will be 9 am – 5pm up at York. Having work that I can do in the gaps between classes will be key.

Okay – that’s my big update. I must say that now I have crossed the halfway point. It’s closer to the time I will be going home, and that is feeling good to me. I’ve started to miss home, miss my people, my home, family. Hope everyone there is having a good summer.

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