The future of videoblogging for cash…

This article talks about how some companies are trying to entice video makers to pay money to make money off the content they upload.

I’m a bit at loose ends about what to make of this idea. Sure, I think that folks who make art should be compensated – I want artists to make money doing what they love. Hell, I work at a small non-profit distribution company who’s main goal is to get money for artists of small, experimental films.

Here’s the rub – the guy who does the Numa Numa dance and makes 18-35 year olds across the world laugh for a minute will get the most money, while the kid who makes the shaky-camera montage of his day at summer camp might get nothing…or peanuts. I could make up a million examples of this sort of imbalance.

Now this should come as no surprise to me – this is how the capitalist world works. So what am I going to do about it?

I don’t know yet. Will keep thinking about it….

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