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  1. Hello Lukas,

    (Sorry, I didn’t see an email on your site, so I will just post this…) My name is Brad. I run a vlog at

    I’m writing to you today for something other than that though. I am
    currently in the process of starting a non-profit organization called
    I AM COLLECTIVE. Our mission is to collect diverse and accurate media
    representations of the LGBT population and then create innovative
    contexts that will allow access, download, and dissemination of actual
    representation. Hopefully this will help combat all of these false
    representations and false identity that we face, even within our own
    “community”. It is hard to sum it all up into one sentence here, but
    I can explain it more fully if you are interested.

    The reason that I am writing you is because I am putting together a
    promo vid that we will use for attention and non-commercial funding
    proposals. In my own work, I have not been able to collect much
    representation from both the lesbian and the transgendered
    demographics. It is essential that we have this kind of visual
    representation for a promotional video. I am hoping that you might be
    able to help me. I have decided to start with the vlogging community
    because we are already using this technology and it isn’t too
    difficult to put together. Would you help me by representing yourself
    on video?

    Basically, the angle that we are taking is not one of “here is some
    home video of me with my friends”, but along the lines of something
    that we are calling an “I Am” statement. It is just a 1-2 minute
    video of you speaking into the camera and defining yourself with a
    series of statement. I am____. I believe_____. I am not_____. etc.
    It is the allowance for an individual to provide an accurate
    representation of themselves as individuals… and yet in that we find
    a commonality.

    If you want an example just of my own, you can check it out here…

    I would really appreciate your help with this. Please let me know if
    you have any questions or concerns.

    Thank you!


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