5 New Toronto Vloggers!

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Tonight I taught the “Videoblogging for Beginners” workshop for the 3rd time and it was a great success. The folks in the class really picked up quickly and were all very excited to go home and work with their new knowledge. This clip has terrible lighting, but please overlook that and meet Deejay – a taxi driver and video artist who’s new vlog You See What I See? will hopefully help his friends and family in Nigeria see his videos.

Also in the class were:

Vanessa – a technician at the LIFT co-op who sat in on the class and who’s new vlog is Enter Tech Woman

Chad – who works across the hall in the building at Vision TV and is interested in doing a personal site at ruby red rimon

Gina – a teacher who wants to post primarily for friends and family at YYZ

Chris – a recent Trebas institue graduate who’s excited to post parody and animations at his new vlog Cow Tipping 101

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of this third workshop. Since having just been at Vloggercon 06, I felt like this workshop was more holistic and I was able to really get into vlog theory with this group whereas before I was more confident in sharing technical tips and tricks. If you get a chance, say hi to the new kids on the vlock.

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