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30 years of trying to tame this head of curly hair. Hats, products, assorted hair torture – all chasing a dream of straight hair that you can roll out of bed with and never think twice about. I grew up with my grandmother & co. telling me how much people pay in salons for hair like this. As a teenager with long hair i always wore it in a braid or a ponytail to try and straighten it. Very briefly, in a particularily ‘femme’ phase I would let it loose and have something close to ringlets. My head was a bit crooked though because my hair weighed so damn much. When I came out at 16 I cut it all off and have never had very long hair since. I wish I had the patience to grow it out so I could play around with other hair styles – but this is what happens…


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  1. Give in. The minute I stopped trying to tame my curly hair, it started to look better. Remember, never comb or brush your hair until right before you shower. It always looks better when it hasn’t been combed. Mine turns into a frizzy afro.

  2. I’m one of many black women who have decided to go natural. You’d be surprised at how women that choose to be happy with the hair given to them. I encourage you to look at some of the blogs. It’s a great film waiting to happen.

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