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  1. you’ve always “vlogged dangerously”, which is a large part of why I love your vlog. i wish more people were totally honest and introspective and authentic on here. Not that I really am most of the time… maybe thats why they chose this “theme” for the week. Maybe i should have participated….

  2. I love the healthy feelilng of being healthy.

    I also eat very well, or at least try to when I can. Not only does this help physically, but mental health experiences a drastic improvement. I see most things as positive, ever since eating healthy. Surely this is also related to other things.

    Everything has a diet, that’s the definition.

    Find what works for your body. My body uses carbohydrates best, with veggies. I personally do not like most meats that much, but I do eat meat for the nutritional benefits.

    It’s neat you mention sugar. I’m not really sure of the place sugar takes in my diets. There are types of sugars in breads and pastas, are there? When I think sugar I think mainly candy, though I know it’s elsewhere. Personally, candies simply do not appeal to me. My appealing foods include bananas and muffins. mmmmm

  3. You my dear are truly “dangerous”. Kudos to you for talking about stuff no one wants to go near.

  4. That was really interesting, thanks for sharing. I feel like I learned a little something about myself while listening to you, something underlying that just clicked…

  5. That was SUCH a great vlog! Here’s why:

    You talked about the fact that your community might not be supportive. I’ve never understood the friction between fat activists and those who want to be healthy. If you’re a large person by nature, you shouldn’t be discriminated against. If you’re not, you shouldn’t have to apologize for being small. Eating disorders are a major problem in our society, but telling people they should be fat or feel guilty doesn’t solve any problems for anyone. So, massive kudos to you for acknowledging their possible reluctance to see your self improvement as a good thing.

    Secondly, weight issues are tough for everyone to talk about. I think you’re really weighing all that this could mean for your life, and I applaud that. It seems like you’ve taken a healthy approach, and you’re being conscious not to overdo it. For many, that’s the biggest challenge.

    In general, this was more honest and to the point than anything I’ve watched in a long time. Thank you for having a talk with us. This just made my day. Thanks for being so open.

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