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This is a short clip about the state of my mouth. I’ve had terrible teeth for a long time, I’m constantly experiencin sensitive/painful teeth, fillings falling out and crazy root canal emergencies. This is the primary reason that I have a desire to get into a profession where I can maybe get health benefits and some good income…

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  1. I think the point you make is really valid. It makes me think about the large number of kids and young adults who think nothing matters – that they are invincible. Until you experience something out of your control, whether it be bad teeth, chronic illness, property damage, or whatever, you realize that an amount of stability really is important. Sometimes I notice the varying degrees of people’s interest in stability, and wonder what it was that brought them to that attitude and/or what will bring them out.

  2. Decay not only makes you crave a bit of security but it also reminds you that we are all going to die. I just got my first crowns and it really bummed me out. Has your dentist said anything to you about teeth grinding? Maybe this is why you are loosing your fillings. I’m a grinder and I wear a night guard, it really saves a lot of wear and tear on the old pearlies. By the way, stay away from those mushy mints . . . bad for your teeth. 😉 Take care.


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