First time in front of a camera (circa 1989)

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Well.  I’ve been transfering some old VHS tapes that my mom sent me to deal with.  Here’s the first of many little gems that I’ve discovered. 

This is most likely my first time in front of a video camera and near the end there’s also my first time behind one.  I’d like to point out that my shooting abilities have drastically improved in the past 16 years.

It’s incredibly horrendous for me to see myself at that point in my life.  My voice is high and annoys me, and I’m wearing that k.d. lang shirt which i loved but got me harassed at school by all the girls who were quick to point out that she was gay.

Being a teenager wasn’t pretty and this footage isn’t pretty to me either but I’m starting to feel like I have gotten enough distance between me and that time period to appreciate some aspects that weren’t visible to me then.  I like how this video captures my mom and I together having fun, laughing and sharing time.  Also, the short elderly lady in the footage is the owner of the video camera – and the author of most of the footage I’m currently transfering – she’s passed on now but as I watch her footage I see little signs of her creativity and attempts to do more than just document. 

There’s more where this came from, please bear with me while I dissect my past in little vlog posts.



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  1. that’s awesome!
    i love old footage like this.
    it’s like “that’s me??”
    so weird.
    i don’t know if i even have anything like that.
    it’s precious
    thanks for sharing

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