About to do some major learning

Tomorrow morning the first ever Ascend Project kicks off in Portland, OR.  I just completed a month-long vacation where we drove from San Francisco out to the Georgian Bay, Ontario (with a few stops along the way including playing hockey in the Cleveland Gay Games) and back again through the top of the US until we arrived here in Portland.  I’m staying in this city for 6 weeks, will be going in to the office *every* day, and doing everything I can to guide & mentor 20 people in their learning on becoming open source contributors.

Going to do my best to write about the experience as this one is all about learning what works and what doesn’t in order to iterate and improve the next pilot which will take place in New Orleans in 2015. It’s been almost a year since I first proposed this plan and got the OK to go for it.  See http://ascendproject.org for posts on the process so far and for updates by the participants.

3 thoughts on “About to do some major learning

  1. I don’t have specific plans to use Code Academy beyond the initial exercise, after we get people set on a bug/contribution path each will figure out the language they’ll be working in and the learning needs will be quite individual.

  2. I’d like to have an RSS feed but just haven’t had time yet to add one, will see about that in the next week.

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