Better late than never

Although my goal was to have the patch approved for committal by week’s end, I am very close. Today I spent about 5 hours tweaking the patch as per the most recent comments.

What was done:

* Makefile now checks for the environment variable of PDBSTR_PATH to be set before assigning the flag to source index
* Several minor logic changes to the like removing redundant file path fixing
* I finally understood what Ted was saying about using a temp filename before checking for VCSinfo. This small change made it possible to remove 3 lines of work-arounds that I had been doing 🙂
* The hard-coding of the path to the pdbstr.exe executable is gone and has been replaced by whatever is in the environment variable

A few glitches:

* Making changes to the Makefile that resulted in errors left me with a makefile that couldn’t update itself and Ted pointed me to doing a make -f configure which regenerated the Makefiles and cleared that up
* I had to look into how to get the environment variable in python – thanks to web search I found the os.environ.get() function

Other than that, it’s all working and I’m very happy to be awaiting another review.

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