Smart Install Instructions

Today as I was setting up a mysql GUI I saw this:
Screenshot of the user friendly install instructions

It made me very happy to see that part about Ejecting and ridding yourself of the installer because a lot of folks still might not know that. I’ve definitely met some people who drag firefox to their dock from the installer instead of copying it to their Applications folder. Every time they open the application from the dock, the installer has to mount and someday down the line they might delete it and then not know why the application no longer launches from the dock. OS X just gives the ever so helpful “?” and the user is left to wonder what happened. That far down the line – it’s not so apparent that they should have dragged to the Application folder and ejected the installer.

Most Mac installers these days do make it quite clear that you should drag to your install folder and I would love to see them add this tip too – just to help folks finish what they start.

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