Continuing saga of the 1.9 Unittest Move

When we left off, there was a check error happening across all Linux slaves and a reftest failure on the Win32 ones.

Update #1: A bug (450637) has been filed on that win32 failure, and also I brought the physical boxes back from sleep to be up on the new 1.9 master alongside their VM counterparts. We should know in the next hour or so if the reftest failure is consistent on all of them.

Update #2: The check error on Linux was due to the placement of a simple .sqlite file bug-365166.sqlite to be specific. This file was in /tmp and not in the slave build dir and thus, escaped during chown. Being owned by buildbot instead of cltbld was the cause of the access denied errors. Huge thanks to Cesar and Sdwilsh for looking at that test with me and for catching this anomaly. I’ve filed a bug (450665)to remove the offending placement so that this doesn’t happen again in the future. Files shouldn’t be getting created outside of the build dir, creates a whole mess of problems.

Speaking of mess:

Ew. That’s all I can say. I’ve been watching this waterfall obsessively (more than usual) as it has displayed a bruised variety of colours, mostly *Not* green.

In other news, something I noticed while upgrading the windows slaves:

Really? I didn’t know that people _chose_ IE. I thought it just came with the OS. I wish they would choose their words more carefully.

Back to the unittest trenches.

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