FOSDEM 2010 Video – Women in Open Source and Free Software

A quick ‘n dirty vlog featuring some of the women attending this year’s FOSDEM conference. I was really glad to see so many women attendees, a much higher ratio than any FLOSS events I’ve been to so far. It was challenging for me to get over my initial shyness about talking with them but I’m glad I did. As my friend Bevin has said “No one ever died of awkward”. That in mind, I just put myself out there on the Sunday of FOSDEM and was pleasantly surprised to discover how eager women were to talk about their involvement. I hope to continue to do this kind of documenting at future events. I’d also encourage you, dear reader, to do the same if you can. We can compile a ton of testimonies from women in open source and free software describing what they do and why.

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