Google search FTW

Here’s reason 1,000,001 why I love the internet:

The VMware Fusion Windows XP vm is pretty important to daily life for me and today it decided to hang. Halfway through a “Restoring Virtual Machine State”, the progress bar just stopped moving and I had to force quite Fusion. After many restarts, and other experimenting, I was starting to worry that I was in for a long Saturday of re-creating an XP vm instead of working on a job I’m doing.

Instead, a quick Google search for “restoring virtual machine state hangs fusion” turned up this little nugget of wisdom that I bet will come in handy again someday for me, and maybe for anyone else out there who also depends heavily on Fusion.

Go to ~/Documents/Virtual Machine right click on the .vmwarevm that is causing the issue, right click on it and “Show package contents” then delete the .vmss file.

This gets rid of the session state and when you restart the vm it will boot up as if it was not saved in mid session.

Lose the session, no biggie – lose the vm…well that would be much much worse, right?

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