Heading to 0.1

Today has been a blow-out day of looking at other people’s code. First in class we explored mxr and tried to follow simple browser functions back to their origins. In looking up where the code for the “Clear Private Data” option was, I discovered that I can choose between being asked to confirm before clearing or not. I personally will choose not because I hate the additional click of confirming.

Following the one hour bike ride home and the dog walk to and from the library I sat down to read Chapter 11 of Diomidis Spinellis, Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective
. I liked the simplicity of his example. While I followed his trajectory through adapting a large source code base I picked up on some great ways to avoid trying to master the entire source and instead poke away at what you want to accomplish.

So I need to apply this to what a 0.1 release of my project will look like.

I looked briefly at the source code for the symbol server. There are several references to code on my project page.

Two things that are missing for me:
1. Seeing a debug in action so that I can get a visual reference for how the symbols work with the debugger.
2. Learning how to add to the existing code so that I can test whether my changes will work.

I’m going to continue looking at resources that cover how to debug in windows and see if I can make some headway. If anyone is interested in giving me a demo of how they debug in windows using the symbol server, I would appreciate that.

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