Running 2 versions of Firefox

In IRC chat the other day I asked how often Ted (aka luser) did builds and he said not that often – pointing me instead to the nightly builds saying that he used these instead since they were updated automatically every day.

So I downloaded one and installed it.

Now, my favourite extension is the foxmarks synchronizer app because I find myself travelling between my desktop Mac at home and my PC laptop, as well I will often work at jobs where there’s a need for a third foxmarks setup.

This extension doesn’t work for 3.0 yet – so I’ve currently been opening the command window and opening each version with the -Profilemanager so that I can use my default profile for 2.0 (with foxmarks) and my “nightlyBuilds” profile for exploring 3.0

Now I read in a post that I can just manually change the version. Sounds great, but I don’t know if I want to go through this everytime there’s a new nightly version number.

Anyone else know a better way?

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