Impending TryChooser change you should know about

On Monday November 29th there will be a bug fix landed on the TryChooser that will change how you use it:

Removed: -m,–mobile argument for requesting mobile platforms.
ALL platform selections will use the -p,–platform argument (as requested by developers)

This change is part of a larger back-end change which will improve try by making new platforms or test/talos suites added to mozilla-central dynamically available to tryserver. This also means the Mozmill test suite will be enabled for try when this patch lands on Monday.

I will update the TryChooser wiki and the trychooser syntax web helper. If anyone is using other tools to help with using trychooser, please update accordingly.

What will be useful once this lands is a way to give a user-friendly, and dynamically-generated, list of what platforms/talos/test options are available to try. Any ideas?

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