Learning advanced Bugzilla

In our first year of Mozilla development at Seneca – we learned how to file basic bugs, how to upload patches and we followed a module owner or the like so we could see just how much bugmail a person can handle. Now that I’m a Build intern I am learning to use bugzilla on a few more levels.

This is just one (small) example:

These bugs will allow me to go through the process of creating, setting up and deploying 4 new VMs so that I’ll be able to see if they can handle both build and unittest builds. In a perfect world, they will be able to do this and that means we will set up a pool of buildslaves for each platform and delegate work from both build and unittest as needed. The goal is to be scalable and to use as little hardware as possible.

The reason I have to test this is because it’s possible that VMs cannot successfully run unittests as they are written now. We need to know that the unittests can and will run before choosing this method.

More on this soon. Back to bringing WinXP vms up to date with mozilla-build instead of ye olde Cygwin.

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