Vista Building with VC9

If you’ve been banging your head trying to build Firefox on Vista with the newest Visual Studio 2008 express edition (VC9) – know that it is possible now, and with minimal bruising of your forehead.

Two things you need to remember:

1. You have to run start-msvc9 in mozilla-build as administrator (if you do not your builds will fail with messages about bad file numbers and such)

2. You have to put the following four lines in your .mozconfig (for now – keep your eye out for a new rev of mozilla-build which should fix – current at 1.2)

ac_add_options --disable-xpconnect-idispatch
ac_add_options --disable-activex
ac_add_options --disable-activex-scripting
ac_add_options --disable-accessibility

That’s it – after bug 419665 is checked in, there should be no other obvious issues unless you forget to run as administrator or check out when the tree is burning.

Happy Vista building.

One thought on “Vista Building with VC9

  1. Trying to build firefox 3.0RC. Using these instructions it builds fine with VC9. But resulting firefox.exe in obj/dist/bin directory doesn’t run. Gives some side by side configuration problem. Any idea what might cause this?

    Also, can we use firefox 3.0 RC for embedding application. I am trying to create an embedding build but keep getting error. ( by going to obj/embedding/config and typing make )

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