Linux headache…

So my patch was backed out because it broke make buildsymbols on the Mac and Linux platforms. From looking closer at the error message and the patch, I deduce that it’s GetVCSFilename containing the offending line – a return file where a tuple (two return values in python) should be returning, so I change it to return (file, None) and after testing the patch on a clean Mac build I am presented with the successful making of buildsymbols.

Now enter evil Linux (cue evil music)- the one platform I have yet to build on in any serious fashion. I should test this patch on Linux to make sure that it works there too. Here’s the bullet form of what happened (as best I can remember at this point in head bashing on keyboard):

  1. I ssh to ‘Liberia’, one of the Quad’s running Fedora in the ORI lab
  2. Check out, apply patch and build a debug build on it – fast! It takes ~3 mins to checkout and ~13 to build
  3. Run make buildsymbols and I get “make: nothing to do for ‘buildsymbols'” (thanks.)
  4. Clobber build, tweak .mozconfig adding –enable-application=browser
  5. Build – run make buildsymbols – still nothing to do for buildsymbols
  6. After attempting to bike home, getting a flat tire from a massive pothole on Keele St and having to bus it I ssh into Liberia again and start from scratch. At this point both Armen and Dave start builds too, all of us using –enable-debug and other assorted .mozconfig settings
  7. No one can make buildsymbols. Without the patch there are errors and with the patch – same errors.
  8. In objdir/config/ I check and see that MOZ_CRASHREPORTER = 1 so make should be recognizing this.
  9. I try a clean checkout and can’t even build because of errors with

Swimming in a sea of red herrings is not fun. Tomorrow’s another day and another stab at getting this going. At this point I’m convinced that there’s something wrong with locally building and not in fact with the patch since it does not touches and since today’s Linux symbols are up and fine (ted checked) which means that make buildsymbols does in fact work somewhere…just not for me (or Dave).

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