Testing the indexed nightly

So the fix worked and now the Mac/Linux |make buildsymbols| functionality is working again. As well, the nightly debug build from last night had source server indexing.

I downloaded the windows nightly to test it – in both WinDBG and Visual Studio 2005.

All looks good on VStudio – the symbols download and then when I try to break debugging I get this:
“This is great!” I think to myself and I happily hit “Run” several times to the various prompts for cvs commands.

Then…NO Source code can be found anywhere. Why? Well, it didn’t download with that cvs command. See how it’s got “:ext:ffxbld@cvs.mozilla.org:/cvsroot”? Well that doesn’t get me any code, what it does get it timeouts and errors like this.

So now what? I was able to run the command with :pserver:anonymous@cvs-mirror.mozilla.org:/cvsroot and pull the code files to their default location – which by the way is not anywhere you would find it by accident. Here’s what I found out about the location that SourceServer puts your code by default:

You may be wondering where Visual Studio puts the source server download cache. The default location is C:Documents and SettingsUsernameLocal SettingsApplication DataSourceServer. This is great because with proper security in place only logged-in users can see that directory.


So I ran the command in that directory and when VStudio is done asking me over and over again about running cvs commands – I do get the source file I checked out appearing in my VStudio solution.

What now? I don’t know if this is something that needs to be changed in the mozilla code or if this is now about doing local changes with a srcsrv.ini file. Hopefully I will get some good advice about this soon so that I can demo it tomorrow without too much hacking and with a little bit of authority even đŸ™‚

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