More soon – I swear!

Things are crazy ’round here with my last week of school. Videos will be coming down the pipe soon. SO much to talk about! The conference in NYC, the future of this videoblog and much much more.

See you soon,


2 thoughts on “More soon – I swear!

  1. Hey – I’m sorry I missed you in NYC. I wanted to come up for the fab conference, but couldn’t. I look forward to your vids, and to opportunies to talk about the future of videoblogging. Are you going to vloggercon??? If so — we should talk!

  2. OKay, nice to see a new face on the block. Great to see that you have set up a fundraiser for Vloggercon, I had to do the same, I live in the UK, and so far I have managed to get £216.00 from the group and also corporate sponsorship from Blips rival Dailymotion which now brings the total up to £260 total so far, I am also having a feature about my work in a local newspaper and have just booked the flight, hope to meet you there. I’ll buy you a coke.
    Do a wanting to go video, that usually works. Check mine out if you haven’t already on my site, it’s called california dreaming.

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