New MacBook with no Boot Camp Utility?

Some of the newest Santa Rosa chipset MacBooks have been deployed without Boot Camp Assistant in the Utilities folder. I’m sure this will be fixed soon. Here’s the quick fix if anyone else needs it:

Put the Install Disc 1 in, then in Finder, to to Go -> Go To Folder… and type:

/Volumes/Mac OS X Install Disc 1/System/Installation/Packages

in the dialogue box. There you should see BootCamp.pkg. Running that with all the defaults puts the Boot Camp Assistant in /Applications/Utilities/ (source)

So glad I wasn’t going crazy…spent a lot of time poking around my new MacBook muttering “but it’s supposed to have boot camp!”.

The to-do list goes into high gear now as I have a couple of programs to write for BTP500, some database stuff due for BTS530, and of course all the DPS909 labs and project updates.

All this and setting up the new mac with a windows vm so that I can continue to work on the source server with Visual Studio.

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