Something to show…

For my 5 hours between classes on Friday. Hopped into Litmus and joined in on Test Day. Managed to do 58 tests and filed my first bugs: 402219, 402228, and 402238.

I feel very accomplished. It’s fun to find a bug, and I had an especially great crash that I was able to reproduce 3 times, and after Vlad’s talk yesterday I am also looking forward to working on a patch and fixing a bug.

The past few days I have also been testing the waters over at Miro. What a difference size makes. Miro has only 11 staff – how many does Mozilla have? I would guess at least 20 or 30 times more. So far I haven’t done a build of Miro yet, I’m going to work on that over the weekend. Can’t wait to look at the source code and see what makes a video player. The funny (and somewhat frustrating) thing is that I have had to create new bugzilla and litmus accounts for Miro as my Mozilla ones don’t carry forward. Someone hurry up and get that OpenID stuff working on everything!

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