3 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. Good post. Good topic. I was never sick first ten years of school. It warpped me for a while, always trying to hang in even when sick.

    Now, I think I or anyone else is actually doing the rest of the team a disservice when they come in sick and effect (sometimes infect) the others.

    Luckily I work from home now about 80% of the time. That helps big time.

    I love your idea of a nurse’s office for work. Where is that?

    I guess I’ve seen some businesses where they do have that kind of facility (Amgen – they should know!) But I think they are more the exception than the rule.

    The “game” you mentioned has been programmed in us for a long time and can at be difficult to exorcise 😉

  2. and in my family, you weren’t sick unless one of your limbs was completely severed…OK, that’s not true, just wanted to say that.

    Anyway, remember when we were kids and being sick was almost fun? Kind of like snow used to be fun, now it’s just in the way.

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