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I’m still learning how to get the most out of my system set-up. Since I’ve recently become an Editor for AMO, I’ve started a list of add-ons that are of interest or could be useful to me. Here’s the list so far, in no particular order:

That last one, BugMeNot, really impressed me because it’s such a great idea. I complain all the time about how many times I need to create a user account with a site I may never visit again, or a site to whom I do not want to provide my information. BugMeNot is a simple idea that has a huge impact. I get to share the username/password of “nobody” with everybody.

As well as add-ons, I’ve installed Quicksilver
so that I can do more from the keyboard. I don’t know why I never looked into this before but apparently you can go to the spotlight search with command + space…nice to know. Quicksilver is spotlight on steroids though, and I’m looking forward to exploring the capabilities. The only glitch I had on starting up was that the hotkey wasn’t working how I thought it should. In the end, I set my preference for hotkey to modifier activation only, single, control. To pull up Quicksilver I just tap the control key twice. Perfect.

The last thing is BBEdit – I’m still trying to find a text editor that I feel comfortable with. For some reason XCode scares me…perhaps this summer I will try it again. My favourite editor on the PC was Crimson, which sadly has no Mac support. BBEdit looks like it’s got everything I liked about Crimson, namely the ability to work on files over FTP/SFTP. This morning when I was working on a patch for though, it did some weird things to line breaks. So I’ll have to check the preferences more closely before I use it for another patch.

Time to go fix that patch.

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