Source Server Tweaks – Now with refactoring and a clean_root function

Things to remember:
1. When you post your patch you select review ? and not review + (I had been confused about why I couldn’t put my reviewer’s email address in next to the +)
2. When your previously working code stops working suddenly and print statements galore are not helping, and you know what part isn’t working but not why…Stop poking at the code and go to MXR — Thank you MXR for helping me catch (through a line by line comparison) that I had accidentally deleted a key line thinking it was my own addition. I think this calls for an editor that does coloring on text not for syntax but for diff’d text.

Tomorrow should be a big day. I’ll be in a little box office at the Royal Cinema all day and night working for Cinéfranco – if anyone wants to see a French movie, I can hook you up – and I’ll be anxiously awaiting a review result because this is it people, these are the tweaks that should net me a test version of a nightly build.

Fingers crossed that one particular Build guy will be working on Saturday…

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