Teaching another videoblogging workshop

I taught my first workshop this past summer and now it’s time for take 2. This time I brought my little digital camera and we shot an introduction in the class. Also, the people who signed up this time all have macs at home and they also are all camera owners. I think that the next workshop I teach, I will make this a prerequisite. The second half is tomorrow night when we’ll get to see how far everyone has gotten in setting up their own vlog.

I love teaching people about videoblogging. The first two hours are really exciting because people are so amazed by the potential of what they can do. Then when I start to try and explain RSS 2.0 and the idea of subscribing to feeds, it all gets a little heavy and confusing for them. I would love any tips or links to materials that could help me get this part across better.

See clip here

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