Temporary Geek Home

Went to the Toronto Mozilla office today. Spent the afternoon reviewing add-ons and I also got to put some faces to names. Since last Friday when we got training from Alex Polvi to be editors for AMO, I’ve reviewed 14 extensions and I’m learning a lot about the process.

Ted said he’d be reviewing my patch tomorrow and we’re hoping to land it in the next few days. As far as I can tell right now, the only issue should be that my error handling is currently just printed to stderr and doesn’t actually change the srcsrv flag.

So fingers crossed – there might be source server on the debug builds by the end of the week. This means the rest of term can be devoted to pdbstr.exe. I have yet to communicate with Timeless who is the recommended contact to discuss things of this ilk.

Over reading week I should be able to do some more digging into those hex dumps as well as start testing the source server once it’s on Tinderbox.

One thought on “Temporary Geek Home

  1. Sounds like good news…

    Hey! I wanted to go down to the office to visit but I am stuck here with so many projects every day, sniff, sniff… I want to stick faces to names too!

    See ya next week

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