Test Day X 2

Well today I got to run Full Functional Tests on Firefox 3 beta 1 and then this evening as I procrastinated from dealing with my Hamiltonian circuit assignment, I ran tests on Miro’s 1.0rc release.

The two testing systems are very different even though they both use Litmus-based testing. Miro’s tests are fewer, some are not well written and in some ways I find them to be very superficial. The Firefox tests have been around a lot longer so I’m sure that has allowed for quite a bit of fine tuning.

I’m not giving up on Miro but so far it’s been challenging to get involved with that project to the degree with which I have been able to immerse myself in Mozilla projects. The lab the other day threw me into Thunderbird in a quick ‘n dirty way and that was great – the documentation is all there. With Miro – well…when I went to look for docs on how to build with Windows…this and this. The gist of it is: “We can’t really tell you how to build on windows because it’s hard”.

Well, now that I’m working on the Mac Book and I have VMWare Fusion with an Ubuntu vm, perhaps I can try building it in a Unix/Linux environment? There’s a doc for Mac OS X and for Linux. We’ll soon see.

Now, back to Mozilla stuff. My 0.2. release is due soon, I have already done a non-debug build of FF with the –enable-debugger-info-modules in the mozconfig and I’ve made the buildsymbols for it. Now I just have to index the pdb files and get the symbols and the source up on my server. Immediately after that is done (in the next day or two) I will look into a) how to make an installer and b) how to work with the CVStoHTTP script that comes with the srctools.

When I have an installer up, I’ll be putting out the contrib call for anyone who can to grab the installer and try to hook it up with my symbol and source servers.

Stay tuned.

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