Contrib Opportunity! Help with resolving a path with spaces and a perl script

I have a perl script called that is called upon by cv2http.cmd

Both are in c:Program FilesDebugging Tools for Windowssdksrcsrv directory, which is where I am making this command line call from.

I am trying to do this:

walk.cmd c:symbols*.pdb cv2http.cmd HTTP_ALIAS

What this will do is swap out the cvs information and replace it with a path to my server where I have the source code.

When I run it I get this:

“Can’t open perl script “C:Program”: No such file or directory

for every .pdb that is found.

It looks like it is breaking on the space between Program Files in the path.

So – does anyone know how to either: make this script be forgiving of blank spaces in a path or change the directory this points to so that I can move it and try from there.

**** UPDATE *****
Turns out it was as easy as adding “” around the call in the cs2http.cmd file – thanks to all who helped on #seneca

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