Tryserver 2.0 is Live

This morning the quietly running in the background try-as-branch became the new try server and the try you’ve known for a few years now is about to be turned off.

You will now be getting opt and debug builds, as well as packaged unit tests for all current try platforms (64 bit are on the way). If you would like to read more about how the new try server works you can look to where how to add a custom mozconfig and where to file bugs on tryserver issues is covered, as well as other info.

Now that this new tryserver is up and running, the remaining try slaves from the current tryserver are quickly being moved over and we will be back to full speed on try builds in the next few days.

Upcoming work on try will see 64 bit builds, sending the unit tests over to talos user desktop platforms for testing (just like mozilla-central has now) and also allowing you to select with more granularity which try builds/platforms you would like your patch to be done on. Also there will be a try branch for 1.9.2-based builds coming soon – tracking bug for that is 563822

If you have questions, come find me (lsblakk) in #build or #developers or you can file bugs on tryserver.

Speaking of bugs, this new try-as-branch will allow RelEng to close the following pretty much right away:

I really appreciate everyone’s patience during this transition, I hope that the new tryserver gets us better results and helps keep trunk building green.

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